Need to reach a service on your local network behind Starlink? We have an answer for that!

RLC was contracted to "complete the manufactures 'recommended configuration', for high availability". 50+ cameras. Across several VLANS. Recording to 3 servers. Proper Router and Layer-3 Switch, was just what they needed.

Weeks of "The IT guys just can't figure it out..."
Replace Meraki router with Mikrotik. Speed test quadrupled. Remote access to security panel works.

Meraki's model is built around the service panel and SERVICE CONTRACT. Saddly... Using hardware that costs less than 1 year of service from Meraki...

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Mikrotik Wireless Wire Promises Gigabit Point to Point over 100 Meters. Stage one Test results: They might be serious...

Wireless Controller built into the router. Complete with wireless scanner in the box.


2 years ago
What a great company to have on your side. A very fast response very professional and answer calls no call center to go through. Special thanks to Chris and Tony and Tom for all that you do you guys are the best I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.
- gina m
3 years ago
I've been using RLC for the majority of my integration projects over the last 5 years, and it has been one of the best business decisions of my career. I no longer worry about the networking component of our systems, something that used to be a constant headache. When problems do arise, Chris is quick to respond and act.
- Easton A
3 years ago
Fast, knowledgeable, just about always available. RLC will get your network up and running and make it bulletproof for no extra charge. 5 Stars!
- Terry C

Now it works... and keeps working

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RLC Integration LLC, is the integrators choice, for a network partner. Design, implementation, and support. From residential systems to corporate networks.

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How many "connected devices" are in your home or business? Still counting? Lets just start with, how many are on your person? Phones, tables, laptops, IoT devices... the actual number might be a lot higher than you think.
Lets add them up. Your phone and laptop come to mind... of course your Audio Video equipment with its online services. Then there are your Lights. Your Smoke Detectors. Your HVAC. Your Security System. The refrigerator has Wifi. The list gets pretty extensive. 

Your network connectivity has gone from a convenience, to a vital service. With so many devices relying on the connection to the internet, and you relying on them, you have to have a network that can keep up. 
Todays world is a network connected one. Consumers and business alike are struggling to keep their systems up and running. That wireless router the ISP installed in a metal can in the basement, is not gonna do it. In the hospitality world, that router the Bar Tender or POS provider "just plugged in" to your existing network for guests... Just Violated your PCI compliance with Visa/MasterCard/Amex and can result in fines and or suspension of your ability to process Credit Card Transactions. (How many of your customers pay in cash these days?)

From settings up a temporary cellular attached webcamera to "watch the construction trailer". To a home full of wireless devices, with network enabled lights/HVAC/Automation, streaming content and video calling. To restaurants Point of Sales Systems, securely processing Credit Cards, while providing separate secured guest wifi. To National Distributors network communications, ordering and VOIP Systems.

How many times do you have to "Reboot your router" during a service? How often do you have guests complain... "I can't use the WiFi!" So you go to the back, fumble around in a mess of wires, pull the plug on the router, sometimes loosing orders while the system comes back up.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that "just works". RLC Integration has over 100 Bars/Restaurants/Clubs/Event Locations with network up times measured in Months and YEARS, not hours. We don't just mean online. We mean the system works, day in and day out, without ANY intervention of onsite staff. No lock ups. No reboots. No Guests bugging your staff about the "Wifi".
Not only are these networks stable. They are secure. Fast. Pass compliance testing. And keep your private data encrypted from "prying eyes".

Home networks have grown to the point where they encompass so many of the day to day things you use... when it doesn't work... you notice.
Few things strike fear into families like the sentence, "The WiFi is down." Loosing access to all you network connected services can really ruin your night. No more streaming your favorite series. No watching that latest pay per view. No streaming your favorite song to your whole house audio system. No printing out your hotel reservations. 

The list goes on and on...
The Audio Visual and Automation systems in homes REQUIRE solid networks. Lets face it... how many A/V devices today don't connect to the internet? Everything is "Smart" these days. TVs, receivers, blu-ray players, digital media servers, set a top boxes, they all rely on network connectivity. Also... as soon as you connect those devices to the home network... YOU OWN IT. The client now contacts you for everything relating to the network. If you try to plug all this into the ISP's router... you are asking for trouble.
Getting all these devices connected and providing a solid wifi network is paramount to proper operation. Proper setup and separation of network devices is the only way you can hope to leave a customer with a functional network. Because we know who they blame when it doesn't work...
RLC has partnered with integrators all over the WORLD to provide these networks, for years.

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